The Transparent Appraisal Promise


Getting the most for your old car is important. It can impact the deal significantly and that’s why most dealers are very sneaky and cheap when it comes to appraising and valuing your trade. Worse, they won’t even give you a value unless you are prepared to make them an offer first!

I don’t like that, so I created my “Transparent Trade Appraisal Process.” You’ll be involved in your trade appraisal and we’ll be completely open about the process. Together we’ll come up with what’s fair and make sure you get what your car is really worth. In fact, we will buy your car from you at our appraised value even if you choose not to buy a car from us!

If you DO decide to trade, we will always show you an actual value for your trade-in as well as give you the lowest possible price on the car you are buying; with no shell games and nothin’ up our sleeve; just our best offer for your car each and every time!